Play Christmas Trivia Games

How well do we really know our favorite holiday of the year? With these Christmas Trivia Games we can test our knowledge of things that we have “known” since we were young. What did the kids use for the Snowman’s nose? What color is Rudolph’s nose? Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Who said “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night?”

Whether you are looking for easy games to boost your confidence or more difficult trivia to test your wit, these trivia games are for adults and kids alike. We have games that range from easy to hard so the trivia will match any Christmas setting that you will be in. Test your trivia knowledge with general Christmas questions or more specific questions about [Christmas carols]. If you are a movie fan you can download our Christmas movie trivia questions and keep your kids and friends entertained for hours.

Christmas Trivia Games fit any holiday occasion: Christmas dinners, church gatherings, office parties, dorm parties or just a night to enjoy with your family. You can download all of our free trivia games by clicking the link above or you can sign up for the year membership for just $5 and enjoy access to all of our games and can [help Rudy and Star save Christmas].


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